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Rock'n R Angus Ranch is owned by Ron & Raina Hrabe.  While the name Rock'n R Angus is new, our program is a continuation of 25 years of dedicated effort, providing quality, dependable angus genetics to our past, present, and future customers.

Our angus program started with the late Tracy Thompson of Thompson Cattle Co. Ron and Tracy recognized the need for a consistent source of quality feeder cattle with Angus genetics and made the decision that the best way to find the kind of cattle that they needed and wanted was to produce and sell the bulls that would sire these genetics. 

The black Angus foundation herd was started in 1984.  The foundation Angus cows were purchased from Ankony Shadow Isle and Quirk Land & Cattle in Nebraska, Green Valley, Green Mountain and Rollin Rock in Montana, Drake Farms in Oklahoma, R&J Ranch in Texas and the Treasure Cove Farm dispersal in Kansas with numerous foundation herd sire selections from Hoff's Scotch Cap Ranch in South Dakota, Whitestone-Krebs in Nebraska and R&J Ranch in Texas. 

Recognizing that Red Angus genetics would complement the strong influence of Simmental genetics across much of Kansas, Ron and Tracy began a search for Red Angus cattle with enough frame size and growth genetics to sire the kind of cattle that they would want to feed.  The search took them to the Bredwick Red Angus herd in North Dakota where they purchased the entire herd of Red Angus cattle that featured both Candian Red Angus genetics and lines of Red Angus cattle descending from proven Angus growth genetics.

The year of 1997 was an especially significant one for our operation.  At the 1997 National Western Angus Sale in Denver, Colorado, Thompson Cattle Co. joined forces with the Slagle family to purchase the Grand Champion Sale Bull, Twin Valley Precision E161, from Wilson Cattle Co. and Twin Valley Farms.  Later that same spring Thompson Cattle Co. purchased an interest in HLH Buster 406 603 from the 1997 Nebraska Cattleman's Classic, to anchor the Red Angus herd sire lineup.  Both Precision E161 and Buster have served as featured A.I. sires for the Genex program that became CRI and both have sons that topped past sales and daughters that form the heart of the Rock'n R herd.  

With his health in decline, Tracy Thompson retired in 2000 and Ron purchased Thompson Cattle Co. and hence renamed the operation Rock'n R Angus Ranch.

Today Rock'n R is operated by Ron and his wife Raina along with their son Josh.  Their primary goal is being able to raise top quality, proven angus genetics for today's cattle market.  

The ranch welcomes visitors anytime.  Feel free to stop by and visit with us.  



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